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When two teams come together for one mission there is no

You Won’t Find An “I” in StayWell Copper

There’s no “I” in StayWell Copper because as a team, we devote ourselves to creating products and gathering information to provide our followers with vital...
on August 04, 2020
How Safe Is Hand Sanitizer (image of hand sanitizer with circle with slash over it)

How Safe Is Hand Sanitizer

Besides the chemicals, hand sanitizers on the market today leave a lot to be desired, but yet we tolerate them. Why? What are you tolerating...
on July 20, 2020
Does copper kill viruses on contact?

Does copper kill viruses on contact?

Stainless steel appears hygienic, but in reality, germs can live on stainless steel for weeks. Contact with StayWell Copper causes the cell membrane or the...
on April 29, 2020
Traveling With Kids For The Holidays

Traveling With Kids For The Holidays

No matter, if it’s your first trip with your first child, or your third trip with your fifth child, traveling with children, can be overwhelming....
on April 29, 2020
NO Cold!!

NO Cold!!

So, most of you know me as the Copper Queen and most of you know that I am crazy about Copper. Well, the holidays have...
on April 29, 2020


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