Traveling With Kids For The Holidays

Traveling With Kids For The Holidays

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No matter, if it’s your first trip with your first child, or your third trip with your fifth child, traveling with children, can be overwhelming. From what to pack, to how to keep them entertained, to how to get there.

Our Social Media Manager, Jessica, is a mom from Sweden who has two toddlers. She’s traveled all over the world with her boys, and she knows about the struggles! Here are her best tips on how to get through the flight…

“My first tip to all parents is to prepare your kid. Often we are so stressed by preparing with packing and planning that we tend to forget to prepare our kids! Explain when, where and why you are going on this trip. How long it will be, and what transportation you will take. In our case, by age 3, our kids were able to mentally prepare for what was coming.”

3 Tips for Traveling with Kids

1. Snacks for the flight Short or long travels, whether baby, toddler or teenager, kids love snacks! Pack a little lunch box or a couple of ziplock bags for the kids to discover the different snacks. And don’t forget a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated!

2. Wipes and Natural Sanitizers Airplanes are dirty. Millions of people’s germs touch everything in airplanes every day, so be prepared. Bring a lot of wipes and germ-killing products like StayWell Copper. Make it a fun game with your kids to “clean the plane” and yourself. Be creative and make everything a game, that usually works!

3. Entertainment No matter what, traveling is stressful. But try to take a big breath, and don’t complicate things. Bring your kids’ favorite toys, snuggle buddies or electronics. Charge all your phones, ipads and computers in advance, and engage with your children. Tell a story, play a game or do a puzzle. Keep it as easy and fun as you can.