How often should I use my copper products?

For best results, use your StayWell® product as often as you like. There is no limit to how often you can use our product.

What is StayWell™ Copper?

StayWell® Copper Products are solid copper, 99.4% pure for maximum effect. They Last Forever. Made in the USA with unsurpassed durability – Reduces Costs.

How does it work?

Cell kill occurs through electrocuting the cell wall, destroying the cell. Since this is a physical kill, the destroyed cell cannot mutate or replicate.

How do I clean my StayWell™ Copper?

Clean with a soft cloth. Copper develops a natural patina or tarnish over time. This does not reduce the power of copper to kill bacteria. Copper is continuously self-sanitizing. You can use any commercial copper cleaner to remove the tarnish and there are different DIY formulas on the internet. If using the Copper Patch for Smartphones or Laptops, be sure to remove before cleaning with water to avoid damaging your device!