What is StayWell® Copper?

StayWell® Copper products are made from solid antimicrobial copper with a 99.4% purity rating for maxium effect. Our products are proudly made in the USA and last forever.

How does it work?

Copper has been used for centuaries to kill harmful bacteria with the first documented medical use dating back more than 4000 years ago. Modern science shows that copper destroys harmful bacteria through electrocuting the cell wall. Since this is a physical kill, the destroyed cell cannot mutate or relicate.

How often should I use StayWell Copper products?

Copper is a natural solution and is not at all harmful to people. For best results, use your StayWell® product as often as you can. There is no limit to how ofen you can use our product.

If copper is so effective at killing harmful bacteria, why isn't it used everywhere?

This is such a good question and one that we really don't have the answer to. Here is a great article with scientific references that asks the same question.

Can I use my StayWell Copper product anywhere a bacteria infection occurs?

The short answer is "yes", it is in no way harmful to you so you can use it wherever you have an infection. We've heard wonderful testimonials from customers who use their StayWell® Copper products to fight sore throats, the onset of the common cold, and even zits. They swear by it.

How do I clean my StayWell® Copper?

Clean with a soft cloth. Copper develops a natural patina or tarnish over time. This does not reduce the pwer of copper to kill bacteria. Copper is continuously self-sanitizing. You can use any commercial copper cleaner to remove the tarnish and there are different DIY formuas on the internet. If using the Copper Patch for smartphones or laptops, be sure to remove before cleaning with water to avoi damaging your device!

Where does your copper come from?

Our copper is mined from Paul Revere's copper mine, and manufactured to our specifications by a local supplier. This makes StayWell's products 100% made and manufactured in the USA.

Where can I find proof that copper kills harmful bacteria?

There have been many scientific journals written on the topic. These are available all over the internet. We recommend that you filter your search results to the domain extensions .edu .gov and .org. These extensions are usually more credible than others.