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You Won’t Find An “I” in StayWell Copper

There’s no “I” in StayWell Copper because as a team, we devote ourselves to creating products and gathering information to provide our followers with vital information. We collaborate to help keep folks germ-free and healthy.  No matter the keen attention and efficiency in shaping the products and messages we develop,...
on August 04, 2020
How Safe Is Hand Sanitizer (image of hand sanitizer with circle with slash over it)

How Safe Is Hand Sanitizer

Besides the chemicals, hand sanitizers on the market today leave a lot to be desired, but yet we tolerate them. Why? What are you tolerating from your hand sanitizer? ineffective germ control  chemicals being rubbed you’re your skin and absorbed in your blood system  ingredients not safe  rashes or burns...
on July 20, 2020

MRSA the Superbug

MRSA the superbug that seems to be lurking in common areas we think are clean and germ-free.
on June 24, 2020
images showing that germs thrive on your hands

Where do germs thrive?

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there are germs. Billions and billions of them. Germs and bacteria are tiny organisms that live all around us, in the air, in the soil and water, and on food, plants, and animals (including on and in our bodies).  Except - you can’t see...
on May 05, 2020
Does copper kill germs on contact?

Does copper kill germs on contact?

Stainless steel appears hygienic, but in reality, germs can live on stainless steel for weeks. Contact with StayWell Copper causes the cell membrane to rupture and the cell to break down completely. Copper is the germ-killing super element that's been preventing infections for centuries Safe, all natural and chemical free...
on April 29, 2020
Traveling With Kids For The Holidays

Traveling With Kids For The Holidays

No matter, if it’s your first trip with your first child, or your third trip with your fifth child, traveling with children, can be overwhelming. From what to pack, to how to keep them entertained, to how to get there. Our Social Media Manager, Jessica, is a mom from Sweden...
on April 29, 2020


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