When two teams come together for one mission there is no "I".

You Won’t Find An “I” in StayWell Copper

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There’s no “I” in StayWell Copper because as a team, we devote ourselves to creating products and gathering information to provide our followers with vital information. We collaborate to help keep folks bacteria-free and healthy. 
No matter the keen attention and efficiency in shaping the products and messages we develop, it doesn't go far without the added curiosity and development provided by our amazing creatives.
Blue Heron Design Group, led by the amazingly talented and creative Jenny Sandrof, has powerfully amplified and magnified brands all around the world.
Nothing happens overnight and no one works alone. There are many hours, tears, sweat, and love that go into creating something you believe in. We believe in the power of StayWell Copper and have for the last 3 years.
Why we continue to believe in ourselves and our dreams, even amid the difficult days of the pandemic, you might ask? What drives this and the StayWell Copper team? Our mission has never changed; our mission is to help the world fight bacteria. Having the Blue Heron Design Group join our team means incredible next steps for our mission. Like the words we heard on July 20, 1969, from Neil Armstrong when he famously declared, “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” StayWell Copper is taking one giant leap in the mission of giving the world an extra layer of bacteria-killing protection and now the powerful impact of Blue Heron Design Group will be found in our branding and our messaging.
We know the science behind Copper and its power to kill bad bacteria the natural way. Even last week the FDA recalled hand sanitizers sold at Costco, Walmart, and other big chains due to their deadly methanol contamination. 
So stay smart, stay natural, stay away from chemicals, and use StayWell Copper. Nothing beats washing your hands, but that's not always the option. Keep StayWell close as the perfect finish to your handwashing protocol.

When’s the last time you tossed your phone in the wash? Ok, I have, by accident, but only once... I think it takes only one time doing that BIG mistake and you never do it again! You can’t wash your phone. Wipes leave behind a film and a chemical that is not safe. You can use ultraviolet light to kill the micro-organisms, but that won't last. On average, we touch our phones 2,614 times a day!!  So how do we keep the thing we all touch almost nonstop free from harmful bacteria?  With the StayWell Copper Phone Patch, which will last forever, and kill germs 24/7/365 days out of the year your phone will be protected from bacteria which can make you sick. We know that 75% of the population owns a cell phone, which is WHY StayWell Copper’s mission to provide a bacteria-killing product for every phone on the planet will go on for a very long time.  But we aren’t quitters, and we will continue to work to help every phone owner go natural and stay healthy.
One Phone at a time. One mission. One team. One Powerful Message.