As We Open The Doors

As we open the doors across our nation and around the globe, we hope to do so with patience, kindness, and above all, we do this so we can all StayWell.

The pandemic closed the world down and put the spotlight on the heroes on the front lines. Just last night, I watched a video of a nurse returning home for the first time in nine weeks. She has been on the front lines fighting the pandemic and staying in a hotel so she wouldn't bring germs home to her family. Photos of the tears of joy running down her two little girls' cheeks were priceless. It brought tears to my eyes seeing the love this young mother had for her family and also those she helped for 9 weeks. This type of dedication is what makes our world beautiful. 

We have watched on social media for months now videos pouring out stories of loss and struggles, but in all the heaviness we see the light of hope. We see our local coffee shops opening, restaurants, salons, and bakeries. As we open the doors we look forward to supporting all our local favorites. We ride this pandemic fight with you.

It's a daily reminder of why we created StayWell Copper. We wanted a product that was affordable and that would provide the extra layer of protection we all need. As we open, we see the world arming itself with new ways to fight germs, hate, and anything else 2020 has thrown at us.  We have all been tested this year. 

What we do see more and more are these stories on social media of music filling the night air.  Neighbors having front porch conversation they would have never have had before. People reaching out to the elderly to see what food and supplies they need. We have witnessed so many beautiful things. We have slowed our pace or we might have missed all the beauty around us even in these tough times. 

So as we start to move forward in new normal wearing masks to protect each other while out. Keeping 6' feet apart at the stores. Local businesses taking every precaution to protect their employees. Even a hair salon chain ordered our StayWell Copper Phone Patch for each of their employees as a thank you and also making sure they had an extra layer of germ-killing protection. As we move forward opening our doors, opening our hearts, and still showing a smile in our eyes and we take these next steps together.