2-user Bundle

2-user Bundle

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Protect Your Loved Ones!

Get even more value with our 2-user Bundle! This bundle will help you and someone you love stay protected with StayWell™ Copper’s all natural bacteria-killing power. Get these 4  for only $85.99 

All natural, chemical-free:

  • 2 Hand-Held Tool Keychains with Swivel Clip

  • 2 Regular Phone Patches

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✔ Kills 99.9% of Bacteria     

✔Convenient - Always near or on the things you touch the most

✔ StayWell® Copper ingredient List:  Pure unlacquered solid antimicrobial Copper

✔ Lasts a Lifetime – Buy Once ~ Use Forever   Never stops killing bacteria. No refills, batteries, mess, or waste

✔ Attaches Anywhere to the things you touch the most

✔ Made in the USA from 99.94% medical grade antimicrobial recycled EPA registered American Copper 

✔ Chemical Free – No more red, dry, chapped hands

✔ StayWell® Copper has a “halo effect”. Unlike any other metal, copper has halos which kill 70% of bacteria within 16” of contact

✔ Woman owned company