MRSA the Superbug

MRSA the superbug that seems to be lurking in common areas we think are clean and free from harmful bacteria.
Creating affordable solutions for everyday problems is the heart and passion for the CEO of StayWell Copper. In 2001, while living in Chicago, Marcia Reece contracted deadly MRSA the Superbug staph infection in her lower spine after a short stay in a Chicago hospital.  MRSA is kind-of like the Navy Seal version of bacterial infection killing more than 100,000 people every year in the U.S. Marcia's infection led to six months of fighting for her life; truly the fight of her life. From March through October 2001 she was hospitalized three times; had six surgeries, had final rites twice, had to learn to walk again, but finally won her battle at the end of October.

Having endured this horrific hospital-acquired (HAI) infection, she became very keenly aware of the daily risks of re-infection just while doing her daily living. It is alarming folks just like you and me, who go into a hospital for care, walk out with an infection they got in the hospital. It became Marcia's mission to do everything she could to keep her loved ones safe and healthy. 

Marcia became phobic about bacteria and how they could be prevented so no one had to suffer as she had.  Marcia spent four years researching both Eastern and Western science to find ways to kill bacteria while she was consulting with a North Carolina chemical company.

Commercial America has a chemical solutions, Marcia's quest for a consumer, chemical-free, solution was still unanswered. She wanted something to keep everyday people clean from harmful bacteria: moms, flight attendants, laptop users, kids, nursing homes residents...and on and on. The bacteria that caused her nearly deadly staph are everywhere and chemicals and antibiotics only slow down their deadly actions. Marcia took a look back at ancient Egypt and other ancient civilizations and rediscovered the profound power of copper in killing bacteria. 

 In 2016, using the knowledge learned from the ancients, she began working to bring all natural, chemical free, practical, low cost consumer friendly antimicrobial copper products to market which will fight daily exposure to bacteria, microbes and lots of kooties which can actually cause death. 
Reece started StayWell Copper and designed a line of antimicrobial copper products that kill 99.9% of bacteria, are all natural, have NO chemicals, and never need to be replaced. Their line of smart products are affordable, easily accessible and solve the bacteria-fighting problems we all face every day.  MRSA the superbug inspired this entrepreneur to find a solution for a good fight.