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The Original StayWell™ Copper Germ Stopper Roller (2 Pack)


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J. Wikingellis
I bought this product mainly for my children who are 1,5 and 3,5 years old with constant germs spreading all over the place and runny noses. It turns out that by using the stopper roller for their hands and nose, didn’t only solve our runny noses but also haven’t given us any colds since. On top of that I tried to use it for my acne. I keep picking at my face and that spreads bacteria and gives me acne. I kept using the roller close to my face everytime I picked and believe it or not but it has reduced my breakout!
S. James Panice III
I love my new Copper Germ Stopper Roller. As you can see it is not on my keychain and I can’t put the dang thing down! It is easy and convenient to use and now always by my side. Stay clean my friends and order your Copper Roller right meow!
Lori S.
I travel a lot for work and the copper germ stopper is that extra bit of insurance that I believe has kept me healthy! With winter approaching, I recommend the added layer of protection to avoid all those nasty germs. It has a handy clip to make it accessible at all times for easy use. I keep it clipped to my bag and I love it!
D. Hoversten
Amazing that for all these years I was buying hand sanitizer when all I needed was this Copper Stopper that I wear everywhere I go. The antimicrobial copper is great for me as a mechanic because I use my hands all the time; it’s great to know I can get rid of so much bacteria at the end of every job.
Taylor B.
An entrepreneur jumping on planes all the time the Stopper has given me piece of mind. If you travel or have kids this is best line of defense!!! Everyone should have one!
Jenny S.
I have already dodged an upper respiratory flu that was going around (my household!!) by using my StayWell Copper Stopper Roller diligently! So thrilled to be able to stay healthy during cold and flu season without using chemicals and antibiotics. What a game-changer these products are!
These products are wonderful and can be life saving. I use them myself and have gifted some to friends. What amazing and truly extraordinary copper items. I also have the phone backs on my iPhone.
Carol N.
Amazing. These copper products are proven to kill germs. Of course, we all know that germs cause illness, colds, flu, and nasty interruptions in our lives. Kudos to Staywell copper for eliminating these germs. What a joy to be rid of the interruptions of colds and flu. Thank you for your brilliance and research to prove the ability of copper to kill germs.
We heard about these from a family friend who has been using the StayWell copper products. As we are starting the new school year, we decided to add these to our kiddos’ backpacks. The cost and inconvenience of a cold is way too high with three kids in school, so it is worth a try! Given the research on copper as a permanent, non-chemical, anti-bacterial surface, we are going to give it a shot. The tags actually look cool on their bags, serve as a fidget, and arrived quickly. Here’s hoping we have a cold free season.