Actual Customer Reviews



 “StayWell Copper Phone Patch provides me so much peace of mind”  Marcus P.


“Honestly, this provides me so much peace of mind, even when my little ones use my phone.” — Joe A. Denver, CO


I was shocked by how well this works”  Sonja B.


Great product. Shipped on time and arrived perfectly. ”  Ana W.


“I been using it for 3 years now."   Ron V.


“As a former elementary teacher, I’ve seen how easily bacteria can spread. I have used the StayWell Copper Phone Patch for over a year and I was shocked (and so happy) how well this product works!” — Kathy M.


“I recently got back from a trip overseas and was so glad to have StayWell Copper with me. I’m sad I didn’t take extra StayWell Copper Hand Held Massaging Tools to give my friends.” —Jim A.  – Greenwood Village, CO


StayWell Hand Held Massaging tool was easy to travel with while we were all over Disney World this last week. Being a pharmacist, I'm always looking at these kind of alternative products. AND THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!  I was a division swimmer and I always wondered why the weight room didn't breed bacteria... turns out our weights had copper in them. Do yourself, and others a favor and get this product!!!

5 Stars                 Lindsay


I got this product for myself and will be purchasing more for the entire family. I work in close proximity to various people on a daily basis, I use my phone for work as well and got the flat one for my phone case also. I work in the medical field and have done extensive research on the features of Copper. This product is amazing and I hope to see these in more medical facilities and homes all around the world. 5 stars all the way! 



The shipping was extremely prompt! I have been buying stuff on Amazon for at least 7 years now, and have literally never left a review. I felt compelled to leave one for this product line as I was blown away by the quality of the product for such a low price. The fact that it’s so small and fits on your key chain is great! Plus, I did read that our keys are super gross which made this an easy to pull the trigger on for a Valentine’s day gift. Don't think twice and pull the trigger on this one. I looked at the other competitive products before I bought multiple StayWell products, and the others just weren't backed by the same studies that StayWell has done. A+++++!!!! 

Robert S.


The copper patch has been on my phone for three years. Now I purchased the Hand Held Massaging Tool.  You ROCK Stay Well Copper!

5 Stars*****  Katherine K. Michelsen


Works great! Copper is awesome, did a little research and it is the product for me. I keep this on my keys and use it daily. Great product!!!  



I am so happy to have the copper patch on my cell phone. I was a news anchor for CBS News in Denver for more than 20 years, and I’ve done my research; copper is where it’s at. Thank you StayWell for making me feel more comfortable.   

5 Stars***** Molly Hughes


5 star super Great quality copper. Everything about this company is a smart well designed product! This will make a difference in the way my friends and family use their devices!

5 Stars***** Justin Moffatt


I ordered a few of their products and have been impressed with the quality and durability of the products. They arrived quickly, and they last. It was a small price to pay for some much needed peace of mind. 

5 Stars***** Jennifer Meyer



Received in 2 days and glad as company was out of stock the day I received it. I went directly to the StayWell website to order the necklace and just received it also. I had a question and called the number on the website and was connected immediately to Jessica who answered a question I had. Was very helpful and nice. Very good customer service!  

Rebecca Miera      5 Stars*****


This is a very handy size to keep on your keys or in a pocket. I am using mine throughout the day, on my hands. 

MarJWag60  5 Stars*****


Been doing research on what antimicrobial copper does and this is a great thing to have!

Nate5 Stars*****


I ordered the cell phone patch and the hand held message tool. So happy that my cousin told me about this great product. It works! 

Katherine Kennedy        5 Stars*****


Try these products...they work! 

Diana Schuyler 5 Stars*****


There are many products out there but this StayWell Copper Phone Patch by far is the one I would recommend buying. My husband and I both have one and we use them all the time, and especially right now, it gives us peace of mind. Prior to buying from this brand, we did a lot of research and we are very pleased with our decision.

Pamela Jacobsen 5 Stars*****


If you haven't read about and then immediately ordered this incredible line of products, you are missing out! My girlfriend and I both have StayWell products on our cell phones as well as our key chains. The hand held Massaging tool is so easy and convenient to use anywhere, anytime. We are excited to see what other products this company will be able to create all here in the USA!!!  

Sam Panice     5 Stars*****


I highly recommend the products from StayWell Copper. I use their Phone Patch and their keyring charm - the quality is outstanding. Jessica is always responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. It's a pleasure to communicate with them. StayWell: Please keep offering these items-the world needs them more than ever! 

Ginny M  5 Stars*****


StayWell Copper’s hand held message tool is a great value. It makes an excellent gift. The keyring fob is always nearby on my keyring.

Tom and Amy Kalgren         5 Stars*****


We have been using our StayWell Copper hand held message tools for close to 1 year now, and are very satisfied. I gave one to my parents, and one to each of my sisters. They all use their tools everyday. It is wonderful and it is so easy to use. Thank you so much for making this product!  

Lisa Capano       5 Stars*****


I just placed my first order with StayWell Copper. I elected to buy from StayWell because of the owner's knowledge of copper's properties, her love of our country, her understanding of the challenges of American manufacturing - but her belief in it despite the challenges! I am excited to see these products on the market.  

Amy Small 5 Stars*****


My StayWell Copper is the perfect size for my phone/wallet AND the copper is perfect these days. The perfect combination of practicality and smart design. Thanks! 

Nancy Sanker 5 Stars*****


This Company has fantastic products! You need to try their products; you will not be disappointed. 

Felice Bundy     5 Stars*****


Prior to buying these products, my husband and I did a lot of research, and we are happy we found StayWell Copper. During this time especially, my keyring holder AND phone patch are always with me.  I always have my keys or phone with me so having access to both is perfect. The few dollars you will spend outweighs any reason not to purchase one (or both!) 

Pamela Jacobsen         5 Stars*****


My friend Taylor turned me onto this product. I didn't believe what I was hearing at first but once I looked into it, she was totally right.  

Anthony Prichard    5 Stars*****


I called with questions, and it was the best customer service I have had in years. Old school wonderful. And tons of ideas were given to me on how to use the products. And my products came swiftly, in just days. I absolutely love the necklace and cell phone patch. It appears to be of the upmost superior quality.  Copper is my new best friend.

Hooponoponogirlz         5 Stars*****


Greatest Customer Service I have experienced in years!! I called and spoke to Jessica, who was a fantastic help. I was most curious if I used the large Copper Phone Patch if I could still use my phone on a fast charger dock. I found out that it will not work but it will with the smaller one.


So excited about these products! And will be ordering much more for my family!

Adam Cappa       5 Stars*****


I have had a StayWell Copper Phone patch for over 30 months now. Even during this time of the year I am feeling great and I have to say the patch really works!! I recommend to everyone!! Goes as a great gift too! 

Dain Bauman        5 Stars*****


I have been a RN for 11 years. Healthcare is dirty work. I am presently employed in the hospital as a frontline worker in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I needed something that was inexpensive and effective. I chose StayWell Copper because their mission aligned with my vision. I am a proud wearer of the Hope necklace, the phone patch and the keyring fob.

Amazingly Strong Nurses

5 Stars*****


Love StayWell Copper! The phone patch has been my go to!

Ronette Parker    5 Stars*****


What peace of mind StayWell Copper gives me. As a business owner and parent, I know what is most important in my life. My hand held copper Massaging tool and phone patch are perfect and very well made StayWell Copper lasts forever... who can beat that!!!

Taylor Boone 5 Stars*****


I've bought and given out perhaps a half dozen of their keyring holders - a thoughtful and intentional gift! 

Polly Jayne Smyth         5 Stars*****


Love this product. I work with the public everyday and am constantly touching money and shaking hands. Now I do it with this copper product around my neck.  

Travis Canfield       5 Stars*****


This company has great customer service and stands behind their product. Two thumbs up! 

Will Allanson                5 Stars*****


Truly amazing product! My whole family and I are currently using all the products produced by this great company. Amazing products, try them for yourself and see!

Dennis Krawczak Scottsdale AZ.  5 Stars*****


There are very few things that can make an extraordinary difference in one's life...StayWell Copper products are in that category. The very affordable products are easy to use. I use them every day, especially if I'm networking and shaking lots of people's hands. It's discreet and powerful. Do yourself and your family a favor...get these products for use in your home and office.  

Barbara Moss  5 Stars*****


I'm so thrilled with my copper hand held massage tool that I'm buying them for all my friends - especially those who are teachers and those who work in hospitals and doctor's offices.

Jenny Sandrof       5 Stars*****


As a mom who travels with my child often thus is a life saver! We have the hand held Massaging tools, the necklace, and the phone patch When we travel or go to the gym, we wear the necklaces. I keep a keyring holder on my purse and my kids’ backpacks.

Allison McClure   5 Stars*****


As a Massaging Therapist I can't afford to be sick, if I don’t feel well I can't provide therapy to my clients. I was excited to learn about StayWell Copper and the benefits. I use the copper patch for my cell phone and the hand held Massaging too! I recommend StayWell copper to my family, friends, and my clients. Helps me provide a Touch of Zen to my clients every day!! Thank you so much!! 

Body Awareness Academy  5 Stars*****


StayWell Copper has been a God send since the day I received the product. I use it every morning and night as it is quick and easy. I have StayWell copper with me all the time and especially on airplanes and public places. 

Ted Johns    5 Stars***** 


Arthur Plenis        5 Stars*****


Genna Thomsen   5 Stars*****


Shirley Willis        5 Stars*****


My order arrived promptly, securely packaged, and ready to use. Easy-to-follow instructions are included.  I ordered two: one to put on my phone and another to keep beside my computer keyboard so I can touch throughout the day. Such as easy solution! 

Carol Fenster            5 Stars*****


The shipping was extremely prompt! Well designed product for such a low price. The fact that it’s so thin and slim, and can fit anywhere on the back of your phone, makes it super convenient for my wife who also has a "Loopy" case and there is still room for it. Plus I did read that our phones are super gross which made me want to give these for gifts.  Looked at the other competitive products before I bought multiple StayWell products, and found they weren’t made in the USA. This is All American and All Cool  A+++++!!!! 

Robert S               5 Stars*****


I love all of the copper items now. Every little bit helps! Wonderful gift items too. I have these on our phones and laptops.

Seashellmudra 5 Stars*****


Received my Copper Phone Patch earlier than expected and couldn't wait a second to get it installed onto the back of my phone. They are sleek, sexy, and easy to apply. Each piece in my order was individually wrapped and seemed to be handled with care. Can't wait to share with friends and family! Great gift for all your loved ones!!  

Samel James Panice III     5 Stars*****


Perfect size for your cell phone

5 Stars*****


I bought these for myself and some friends. Shipped quickly with nice packaging. I was pleasantly surprised by the thick, solid feel of the copper piece. It stuck easily to my phone case. Super simple to install. The copper does the rest. 

Wesley Salmon              5 Stars*****



5 Stars*****


The copper is made and shipped in USA! It is exactly as described. Very easy to put onto the cell phone cover. Arrived on time and provided excellent customer service. I will purchase again.  

Bettina P            5 Stars*****


Good size and sticks to phone as it should. Great concept. 

Ridere46        5 Stars*****


Works perfectly! 

Fungusamongus     5 Stars*****


Absolutely loved the necklace. I ordered the necklace and did not realize how relevant it would become. I am ordering the cell phone patch for my parents, my kids, and myself. 

Danya Bierria     5 Stars*****


What an incredible, easy to use product. Nice work Stay Well!!! 

Bob Mordini      5 Stars*****


StayWell Copper has created a game changing product. The other thing that is so great is that Marcia made the decision to produce the product in the USA! I'm so blessed to have found such a great product backed by great people! 

Adam Bratten Performance         5 Stars*****


I ordered a few of their products for myself and gifts for my family, and have been impressed with the quality and durability. They arrived quickly and they last. 

Jennifer M          5 Stars*****


5 star super Great quality copper. Everything about this company is smart and well-designed! This will make a difference for my friends and family!  So THRILLED this product is Made in the USA. 

Justin M 5 Stars*****


We have been using our StayWell Copper products for close to 9 months now.  I gave one to my parents and to my siblings. They were thrilled and use every day. These are wonderful things to have, and it is all too easy to use. Thank you so much for making this product! 

Meadow G. 5 Stars*****


Prior to buying these products, my husband and I did a lot of research and we are happy we found StayWell Copper.  During this time especially, my phone patch and keyring holder is with me always and it gives me peace of mind! 

Pam J.    5 Stars *****