Hand holding StayWell Roller showing the invisible power of copper.

The Invisible Power Of Copper

Hand holding StayWell Roller showing the invisible power of copper.
Antimicrobial Copper has an invisible power and recent magazine articles talk about the germ-killing power of Copper. Weekly, it seems there are new headlines talking about is the killing power of copper on germs and bacteria.

Nothing new here as copper’s germ-killing power was first documented by the ancient Egyptians. BUT what is new, having been discovered in 2010, is that copper is the only metal with a 'Halo" effect.  The term “halo” doesn’t mean copper is an angel, but maybe it should be our guardian angel!!

A pilot study at an outpatient clinic at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System in the US shows that as well as reducing surface microbial contamination by 90%, antimicrobial copper surfaces extend a ‘halo effect’ to nearby, non-copper surfaces, also reducing their contamination levels. Pretty incredible. That's like having invisible rays shooting down that invisible germy army trying to stop you in your tracks! 

And that invisible power killing field shows that antimicrobial copper is 70% effective in killing germs within 16 inches!  

Just an everyday errand like grocery shopping has changed dramatically since March of this year. You can feel the anxiety as you stand in line waiting to enter or check out and you hear someone sneeze or cough!  That can clear out the line faster than a raving mob of fans chasing the Beatles down a street in London in days gone by.

Reality is at some point we will hear someone sneeze or cough!  So when that happens, arm yourself with a layer of protection. Arm yourself with all-natural, chemical-free protection,  deployed by StayWell™ Copper’s antimicrobial products. And they come with that 'Halo 70%  germ-killing ability built right in. It’s good to have an invisible power on your side battling germs and bacteria.

Dr. Bill Keevil, a microbiology researcher at the University of Southampton (U.K.), has studied the antimicrobial effects of copper for more than two decades. He has watched in his laboratory as the simple metal slew one bad bug after another. He began with the bacteria that causes Legionnaire's Disease and then turned to drug-resistant killer infections like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). He tested bacteria that caused worldwide health scares such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and the Swine Flu (H1N1) pandemic of 2009. In each case, copper contact killed the pathogen within minutes. "It just blew it apart," he says.

“One of the ironies is, people use stainless steel because it seems clean and in a way, it is,” he says, noting the material’s ubiquity in public places. “But then the argument is how often do you clean? We don’t clean often enough.” Copper, by contrast, disinfects merely by being there.

The invisible germs and bacteria enemies are here to stay! It's time we turn back the pages in history to see how those before fought the good fight. Copper has been written about since the tablets etched in stone.  

Just think about how many of these touch surfaces we touch in an hour. We touch our cell phones, on average, an amazing 2,614 times a day!!

We are seeing more and more hospitals and businesses bring copper into their commonly touched areas for the benefit of the 'Halo' as well as the scientific fact germs get whacked when they touch Copper! Now, you can bring that same germ-killing power to your family and friends.

And copper’s power lasts. Keevil’s team checked the old railings at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal a few years ago. "The copper is still working just like it did the day it was put in over 100 years ago," he says. "This stuff is durable and the anti-microbial effect doesn't go away."

StayWell™ Copper's
 invisible power is always offering you an extra layer of protection