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Dog Tag Necklace with 30'' Chain
Dog Tag Necklace with 30'' Chain
Dog Tag Necklace with 30'' Chain

    Dog Tag Necklace with 30'' Chain



      Copper is a chic fashion metal color. Wearing your fashionable StayWell Copper Dog Tag Necklace helps keep you germ free.  Wear under or over your clothing and rub between your palms to rid your hands of germs. Apply some friction to cause germs to die faster.   

      This 30" charming necklace can easily be cut shorter if you desire. This dog tag is made from 99.9% pure antimicrobial solid unlacquered copper. Most copper products are treated with lacquers and finishes that negate the antimicrobial properties that copper naturally has. All of our products are free from lacquers and finishes.

      Also very stylish to hang from your purse, briefcase, keychain or other portable devices to keep you fighting germs while you are on the go.  

      Our products protect all surfaces from harmful, damaging micro-organisms. Kills germs... naturally!

      Environmentally Safe, Durable and Exceptional Value

      Our products continuously kill germs 24/7/365, year after year after year without harming the environment or the users.


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