The shipping was extremely prompt! I have been buying stuff on Amazon for at least 7 years now, and have literally never left a review. I felt compelled to leave one for this product line as I was blown away by the quality of the product for such a low price. The fact that its so thin and slim, and can fit anywhere on the back of your phone, makes it super convenient for my wife who also has a "Loopy" case and there is still room for it.

Plus I did read that our phones are super gross which made this easy to pull the trigger on to buy one for myself when I also bought one for my wife for a Valentines day gift. Also it will aid in helping her from not getting sick which is absolutely priceless because it usually trickles down to me after. Don't think twice and pull the trigger on this one. I looked at the other competitive products before I bought multiple StayWell products, and they just weren't backed by the same medical research and studies that StayWell has done. A+++++!!!!

- Robert S -