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Hope Necklace
Hope Necklace
Hope Necklace
Hope Necklace
Hope Necklace
Hope Necklace

    Hope Necklace



      Don’t leave home without this germ-killing Copper Germ Stopper HOPE necklace. 

      Style has never been so powerful before – now being stylish kills germs on contact.
      • HOW TO USE IT - Just roll the pure Original Copper Germ Stopper Roller between your clean, dry palms for 60 seconds to rid your hands of germs. 
      • LENGTH - The 30" beaded copper chain can be cut shorter if you desire.
      • NATURAL & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - StayWell™ Copper kills harmful germs… naturally! Environmentally Safe, Chemical Free, & Lasts Forever. Never needs to be recharged or replaced and always can be re-used. 
      • PURE COPPER FROM THE U.S. - Made from 99.9% pure copper, StayWell™ Copper is made in the USA and supports US Veterans.
      • Germ Free No Touch Button Pusher for germy Touchscreens, Elevators, ATMs, Keypads, Payment Machines, and more. Use at the grocery checkout, banks, anywhere you have to touch buttons many others have also touched.

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