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Reflexology Full Body & Foot Roller Ancient Chinese Medicine teaches us that stimulating your body’s foot reflexology zones helps realign and spread throughout your entire body. This stimulation supports your body’s central nervous system and healthier internal organs. It helps your body rid itself of toxins, and can provide relief from colds, viruses, postoperative pain and chemotherapy.

Combining reflexology with the natural germ-killing power of pure unlacquered copper, this Reflexology Foot Roller is a perfect addition for supporting your health and well-being.
  • Lightweight, portable, easy-to-use pure copper roller is 6” long by 1” and is great for home, work and travel use
  • Use it to ease tension and stimulate circulation in tired feet and achy muscles
  • Pure unlacquered medical grade copper kills 99.97% of germs via “contact killing” which helps eliminate most foot odors, including those caused by fungus such as athlete’s foot
  • Copper’s natural halo effect kills 70% of all germs within a 50 cm (19.7”) radius, providing an extra layer of protection against 99.97% of all germs
  • Take this roller with you wherever you go and give a gift of health, relaxation and germ-protection to yourself and your loved ones!
StayWell Copper
  • Kills 99.97% of germs on contact
  • Active ingredient is pure copper
  • Germ-killing effectiveness lasts forever
  • Women-owned company

Important Information
Legal Disclaimer
StayWell Copper is not intended to treat or diagnose any illness. Its intended use is as a preventative aid in killing germs.