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Copper Germ Stopper Cell Phone Patch (4 Pack)


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Ana W.
Staywell copper is product essential in our day to day usage like cell phones and computers.
Jenny S.
After finding out all the data about how effective antimicrobial copper is at killing germs AND learning that cell phones are one of the filthiest things we come in contact with constantly on a daily basis, getting the copper germ stopper phone patch was a no brainer. I love that I am now so much more protected from getting exposed to bad bacteria that is on my phone. The price point is great and I love that I can just stick it on and forget about it. I’ve been recommending this product to everyone!
Phil N.
In today’s world, all the illness protection you can get is well worth it. I knew that copper had been used for arthritis but the evidence about it’s effectiveness on killing germs is overwhelming. This product arrived in a nice gift box and was simple to install on the back of my phone. The adhesive is high quality and there are no signs that it will detach with repeated use (the constant putting in and taking out of my back pocket). I really love the look and the am thrilled with the knowledge that I’m constantly killing bugs that can make you sick. I loved it so much that I also bought the Copper Stopper to keep on my keychain. I know what I’m giving as gifts to the ones I love.
My sister bought me this product and I love it. I work in a factory along side lots of other workers. When one of us gets sick, we all get sick. I haven’t had a cold or been sick since having this StayWell Copper Germ Killing Patch on my phone.

She also sent me the StayWell Copper Keyfob and it is so handsome.

The product arrived perfectly and was packaged so very nicely.

Thank you to a great company. Two thumbs up…Way UP!!

I have an auto immune disease, and am concerned about germs. I’ve read about the germ fighting effects of antimicrobial copper. I put my phone down constantly then up to my face – it is a germ magnet! I was excited to find Stay Well’s Copper Phone Patch. It arrived well packaged,great instructions and info. It’s now attached to my phone. No need for chemicals. Great for the upcoming flu season.
Carol F.
My order arrived promptly, securely packaged, and ready to use. Easy-to-follow instructions are included. Rather than messy, chemical germ killers… I just rub my fingers on the patch and I’m protected. I ordered two: one to put on my phone and another to keep beside my computer keyboard so I can disinfect my hands throughout the day. Such as easy solution to the germ problem!
I have been using Staywell copper products for 11 months. During that time I have had a medical procedure. Knowing I had germ-killing power with gave me great peace of mind. I came through my procedure with out
infection or getting sick. Because of my success staying healthy with Staywell, I ordered this product to give to a friend. I love the product. It came on time and wee packaged. I’ll be ordering more of same for
Christmas gifts. Super value!
Jacob W.
Why hasn’t anyone thought about this before? It is brilliant and perfect if you have toddlers. I am buying a stopper roller next for my kids to use and I will do as they suggest, put it in their nose so we can be done with our colds 🙂 I also would like to see an entire phone case with your copper.
Sally C.
The Copper Germ Stopper Phone Patch came very professionally packed. There was valuable information included about the benefits of copper. The product arrived in a timely manner. It is easy to install and makes me more comfortable knowing copper is on my phone.
Cecilia J.
I absolutely love my copper stopper for my cell phone! Its sleek and also comes with a buffer!
Taylor B.
Have you seen the reports on how dirty our phones are? It’s scary and gross! Knowing I have the copper germ stopper on my phone gives the germaphobe I am piece of mind. Everyone needs the germ stopper!!!
Robin H.
I ordered this because a friend was raving about it. I’ve got it on my phone now, and I feel like I’m protected from bacterial stuff that’s all around me in the environment. Since my phone is in my hands all the time it’s like this shield against bacteria that’s everywhere on touch screens and such. It’s great to know that a naturally occurring element, copper, is doing this work for me. Everyone who depends on their phone for communications, GPS and pretty much everything all day long should get one of these, it’s a no brainer.