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How do I use the Copper Germ Stopper Roller?
Roll the Copper Germ Stopper between your hands to kill germs. Stop colds before they start. Attach to your laptop, iPad, purse, belt loop, backpack, diaper bag, zipper pull… Use the Copper Germ Stopper wherever you need it most!
How often should I use the Copper Germ Stopper Roller?
For best results, use The Copper Germ Stopper at least once per day! But use as often as you like ~ anytime you are exposed to germs and public places. There is no limit to how often you can use our product, and many users report added benefit from using The Copper Germ Stopper every morning and night!
How long does StayWell Copper work for?
Because our antimicrobial copper is solid copper, the protective microbiostatic layer keeps on working as long as the copper is on your surface or being touched.
What makes StayWell Copper different?
StayWell Copper Products are solid copper, 99.9% pure for maximum effect. They are All Natural; have No Chemicals; and Last Forever.

Environmentally Safe & Friendly – Safe to use – Mechanical mode of action – No mutation – Unsurpassed Durability – Reduces Costs – EPA registered as a disinfectant

Where else should I use a Copper Patch?
Cell phones, iPads, Laptops, ID Badges — Users report positive benefit when The Copper Patch is applied to any heavy-touch surface around their home, office, classroom, business, and electronic device!

Mount on walls in:



Day Cares

Medical Facilities

Patient Hospital Rooms

Retail Stores

Elder Care & Nursing Homes


Lunchrooms & Cafeterias

Fast Food Restaurants

BY the front and back doors in your home

Near “heavy touch surfaces” – faucets, doorknobs, tray tables.

How does it work?
Stay Well Copper Patches are applied to any dry, clean surface by removing the adhesive backing and affixing. Touching skin to the copper transfers the germs on the skin to the positively charged nitrogen ion and cell kill occurs through electrocuting the cell wall, destroying the cell. Since this is a physical kill, the destroyed cell cannot mutate or replicate, thus avoiding any possibility of a “super bug” being created.
How do I clean my StayWell Copper?
Clean with a soft cloth. Copper develops a natural patina or tarnish over time. This does not reduce the power of copper to kill germs. EPA states copper is continuously self-sanitizing. If using the Copper Patch for Smartphones or Laptops, be sure to remove before cleaning with water to avoid damaging your device!
What does StayWell Copper protect against?
Our products protect surfaces and people from harmful, damaging micro-organisms. StayWell Copper products have been shown to kill 99.97% of germs on contact.