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Coronavirus Outbreak

We’re now facing worldwide concern about a new strain of Coronavirus that’s causing fatalities in China and now in other places.

Coronavirus is part of a well-documented group of viruses that are common in humans.

Fortunately, Dr Bill Keevil of Southampton University tested closely related Coronavirus 229E against copper, and demonstrated that copper completely destroyed the virus.

Staywell Copper is a natural, germ-killing alternative to hand sanitizers, giving you a powerful layer of protection against germs such as Coronavirus, as well as MRSA, e. coli and many more.

By rubbing your StayWell Copper regularly, you have the peace of mind that pure
copper is killing 99.97% of germs on your hands. Touch is one of the main ways germs are transmitted, so keeping your hands germ-free with StayWell Copper rollers, tags and patches is a great way to prevent transmission of germs.