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Stay Happy.
Stay Well.
Stay Happy. Stay Well.
Germs multiply and mutate every second. The StayWell family of Copper Germ Stopper products kill 99.97% of all germs on contact and protects against potentially deadly viruses like MRSA and E. Coli. The oldest recorded medical use of copper was mentioned in an Egyptian medical text (“Smith Papyrus”) written between 2600 and 2200 B.C.

“StayWell Copper is committed to bringing the medicinal benefit of pure copper into the 21st Century. We’re finally making it easy for you to protect yourself, your devices, and the ones you love with our chemical-free pure copper products.”

– Marcia Reece
Co-Founder of StayWell Copper
“The reason we started StayWell Copper Products is to help people Stay Well naturally and be chemical free.”
– Diana French
Co-Founder of StayWell Copper
How Many Ways Will You Stay Well?
Kill 99.97% of Germs on Contact

When applied, StayWell’s Pure Copper is proven to kill 99.7% of germs on contact, and 97% of hospital-acquired infection germs on contact.

As an Accessory or Jewelry Item
Keep Yourself & Those You Love Safe
For All Types of Smartphones
To Stay Germ-Free At School

StayWell Copper is loved by teachers and students everywhere! Our Copper Germ Stopper Products are designed to be used on the go so you can Stay Well no matter where you are!

Our Customer Testimonials
Joe A.
“Honestly, this provides me so much peace of mind, knowing every time I touch my phone the germs on my hands are killed. Now when my little ones use my phone they are being protected as well.”
Kathy M.
“As a former elementary teacher, I’ve seen how easily germs can spread. I have used the StayWell Copper Phone Patch for over a year and I was shocked (and so happy) how well this kept me away from getting all those nasty colds!”
Jim A.
“I recently got back from a trip overseas and everyone else in my group got sick. I didn’t have so much as a sniffle. I’m sad I didn’t take extra StayWell Copper Germ Stoppers to give my friends.”
Ted R.
“I haven’t gotten sick in 3 years since using my Copper Germ Stopper. I use it twice a day, morning and night. It’s quick and it’s easy.”
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